Monday, April 13, 2009

Checked luggage limits on different carriers

I have decided to buy the bike here and take it over with me, as opposed to buying a bike in Rome. This poses a problem - weight! If I exceed the checked baggage allowance for a flight from Australia to Rome I face paying $50 or $60 per kg...

So! Which flight carrier has the biggest limit?

  1. QANTAS has a new limit of 23 kilograms (previously 20kg) of checked luggage for an economy class ticket. plus 7 kilograms of carry on luggage (one piece). Bikes must be packed in a box ($16 from QANTAS terminal) but:
  • Tyres must be deflated
  • Pedals must be removed
  • Handle bars must be fixed parallel to the frame
  • If the bicycles length exceeds 140cm (55in), the front wheel should be removed and fixed beside the rear wheel, inside the bike box
  • excess baggage is charged at $50/kg
  1. BRITISH AIRWAYS has a limit of 23 kilograms of checked luggage for economy passengers. No weight limit for hand luggage, but there is a size limit (56cm x 45cm x 25cm). Bikes can be brought on as part of checked luggage (and are exempt from size restrictions) but must comply with the following restrictions:
  • Bicycle pedals must be removed (or fixed inwards).
  • Handlebars must be fixed sideways.
  • The bicycle must be contained in a protective case or bag.
  • You may wish to deflate the tyres to reduce risk of damage.
  • over weight seems to cost you by the bag (90 pounds?) - it is quite confusing.
  1. SINGAPORE AIRLINES has a limit of 20 kilograms for checked luggage. 7 kilogram limit for carry on luggage. Bicycles will be charged as 6kg additional luggage if they (plus normal luggage) exceed the 20kg limit. This applies up to a maxiumu of 35kg. Excess luggage costs US$60/Kg (Youch!).
  2. ETIHAD AIRWAYS has a limit of 20 kilograms for checked luggage, with one piece of carry on luggage up to 7 Kiograms. There is no specific mention of bicycle luggage but they state that you should contact their offices for all queries regarding sporting equipment. Excess luggage is charged at 1.5% of the fare per kilogram!

After trawling through countless websites I found this awesome site - which has a huge table compiling all the info needed... Though I think some of it is slightly out of date (either that or my info is wrong!).

Another site I've found lists the experiences different people have had on different carriers. Some are very old (date back to mid 90's!) but many are more recent. It seems that most carriers are not too narky on the weight limit - providing you dont push it too much.

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