Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Front Light

I think I'm going to go a flashlight for my front light. Just read this review of the Lenser LED P7. It sounds like an awesome flashlight, though a tad expensive!

It has 130 hours of battery life and 4.45 wats with 167 lumens! That's pretty insane. Going for ebay for about $100.00, when compared to a decent bike light that is very reasonable.

UPDATE: Ebay is actually more expensive than bike lights which sells them for $98. Additionally, they seem to work well in a combo with the Two-Fish cyclo-block velcro attach system which is available for about $13.

These two-fish cyclo-block thingys look kinda handy for strapping things to your bike, anything from torches, u-locks to pumps etc.

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