Monday, June 15, 2009

How To: Remove Bar End Shifters

So I wanted to change over the handlebars from the stock Surly LHT ones to the Nitto Noodle bars - having never done this before I went searching on the internet. I found the advice of Michael Gagnon on the Surly Google forum very helpful but really wanted some pictures to go with it.

I didn't find any, but I have taken some pictures of my successful removal and replacing of the bar end shifters - to help anyone else out there like me who loves photos.

Step 1: Remove Bar Tape

Step 2
: Move Both Shifters to the Downward position

Step 3: Undo the Screw on the Shifter

Step 4: Remove the Shift Lever

Step 5: Loosen the Expanding Allen Bolt Inside the Bar (TURN CLOCK-WISE TO LOOSEN!!)

Step 6: Pull out the whole Mechanism

So... it's really quite easy and understandable that no one has bothered putting up step-by-step photos before!


  1. Brilliant, thanks very much. When you have no idea, the pix are really helpful.

  2. Thank you very much, i was looking for a guide with pictures as word weren't helping me that much.

  3. Thanks, the photos do make it really clear.

  4. Simple, but incredibly helpful! Thank you for posting!

  5. Just what I was looking for. Thanks.

  6. Yup: This is exactly what I was looking for, too. Thanks for putting up the eminently clear description and photos. Now I can re-wrap my bars!

  7. I am swapping out the Salas Bell Laps that came on my cross Check, and was wondering the same thing. Did the ratcheting mechanism/washers want to fall out when you did that ?